Why I Love My TREO Nigeria Phone Number List

  • Audio files - When I was still a law student, Nigeria Phone Number List I use this gadget to listen to review lectures by bar exam reviewers. If I get bored listening to them, I listen to music. It has a built in music player called petunes that plays MP3 files. If you don't like petunes you could download another free player, just do a Google search. By the way, PALM OS applications has more than Nigeria Phone Number List plus of free applications. And that was last year when I last checked. The number of free PALM OS applications Nigeria Phone Number List could double by now.

    PDA functions - Nigeria Phone Number List The PDA functions are so simple. With just one click I am brought to my calendar, contacts, task etc. Some PDA-mobile phones have very complicated PDA functions that you need to press so many buttons to just input a simple schedule. But with this gadget everything is so simple and fast. Add to the fact that Nigeria Phone Number List this device has a full QWERTY "thumb" board. Instead of bringing a huge organizer in court when I schedule my hearings, I just input the hearing dates electronically. Since I regular sync with my PC there would be no problems if this would get lost (God forbid) as I have a back up in my PC. It's just one thing that a paper Nigeria Phone Number List based organizer can never do.

    Documents viewer - I use this gadget to view almost all Nigeria Phone Number List types of document files. During my idle times, like when I am waiting for someone, I just it on and read a.pdf file on internet marketing or Nigeria Phone Number List an article on something else. The built in DATAVIZ DOCUMENTS TO GO let's me view Microsoft Word, Excel and even power point Nigeria Phone Number List presentations. You will have to install the free Adobe Acrobat reader for PALM OS to read.pdf files.

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